Choice of color

You have decided to change eye colour with the help of Neoris. Blue or green, Neoris offers a palette of two colors inspired by nature. As the choice of colour cannot be changed, you need to take time to make your decision and perhaps get some advice.

Neoris can assist you in your choice with the help of a simulation.

What are the available colours?

Whether you have light or dark eyes, you can choose between two colors:

  • Emerald Green : his shade will give you a soft grey-green look
  • Riviera Blue : a blue-gray which, at high density, gives you an azure blue look

Please note: for ethical reasons, Neoris does not offer a different color per eye. The chosen color will therefore apply to both eyes. We manufacture our own dyes in Switzerland and use our patented tools to offer our patients a tailor-made experience, from information gathering to post-operative monitoring.

What is a limbal ring?

This is a slightly darker ring around the iris. It makes the gaze look more intense. Thanks to the keratopigmentation technique developed by Neoris, a limbal ring of the required thickness can be created around the iris.

How do you select the right eye colour?

In order to help you make your choice, some clinics, such as Doctor Ferrari’s in Paris, offer you a simulation. It will guide you or confirm your choice of colour as the right one for you. You can do a simulation with three density levels. From a photo of your face, an image consultant performs one or more simulations and helps you choose the best combination of intensity to enhance your gaze.

Thus, you will have all the facts you need to select your new look and reveal the true colour of your eyes.

The Neoris simulation allows you to guide or comfort you in choosing your color.

— Neoris

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