Your questions


Neoris only acts as an intermediary between you and the practitioner. Each clinic listed on the website is free to set its own price for the procedure. This will often depend on the country or region.

You want to change the color of your eyes and you have some questions about this procedure.

  • How long does the change of eye colour last?
  • What is the composition of the pigment?
  • Where can I undergo the surgery?
  • Will my identity documents still be valid after the operation?
  • How many touch-ups can be done in total?
  • At what minimum age can I undergo the surgery?
  • Why does the colour not cover the iris up to the centre of the eye?
  • Is the Neoris operation the same as having an eye tattoo?
  • Does the eye colour look natural after the operation?
  • Is it possible to reproduce the striped aspect of the iris?
  • Are there alternatives to Neoris?

The operation to change your eyes color is fast, safe and painless, however it is normal to ask yourself some questions before an operation.

  • Is the procedure painless?
  • Can you operate on dark eyes?
  • Are there any special requirements prior to the operation?
  • Is it possible to have the operation on one eye only or have two differently coloured eyes?
  • Can the colour be removed?
  • Can myopia be operated in the same procedure?
  • Do you feel any pain after the operation?
  • Will I be able to see immediately after the operation?

As with any surgical procedure, and even though our procedure is reliable and safe, there are a few special cases where it is not advised to change the color of your eyes.

  • What are the risks?
  • Are there any contraindications for operations using the Neoris technique?
  • Is night vision affected?
  • Is it possible to operate on an eye that already has a BrightOcular implant?
  • Is it possible to operate on an eye that has been treated by laser depigmentation?
  • How quickly can I get back to normal life after the operation?