The colors

Honey Gold
01 Honey Gold

For a gentle gaze, choose the dark amber tones of this spicy color that calls to mind cinnamon and the sands of the Sahara.

Have you always dreamed of having blue eyes? Want to transform your look by choosing an intense green? Want to have a warm color with a golden honey? Or brighten your natural color by adding white?


Riviera Blue

For a deep and mysterious look, choose intense blue.

Emerald Green


Emerald Green

For a mesmerizing look, choose emerald green.


Honey Gold

For a warm and radiant look, choose golden honey brown.

Honey Gold


Snow White

For a shining look, choose white to brighten your natural color.

A decade of experience

The range of colors currently on the market opens the doors to all kinds of transformations… There is a wide range of colors available, including palettes designed according to your wishes.