Changing the color of your eyes, is easy!

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Your eyes have their own language

The eyes are a reflection of the soul, windows into your emotions, and weapons of seduction. They express what is hidden away in the depths of your being. Listen to them, listen to yourself, and reveal their true color.

Your dream has become a reality

The strength of a radiant green, the poetry of a soft blue, the warmth of a golden honey and the radiance of your natural color. Do you dream of changing the color of your eyes? Neoris helps you make your dream come true…

Changing your eye colour

Neoris provides you with information and helps you find the professional of your choice to change the color of your eyes.

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How can I change the color of my eyes?

Change the color of your eyes: who hasn’t dreamed of it? There are temporary methods to change the color of your eyes, such as wearing colored lenses or makeup tricks to enhance the color of your eyes, but the most durable and accurate method to change the color of your eyes is aesthetic annular keratopigmentation. This method is safe, reliable and fast! In just one hour, you can have the eye color you’ve always wanted. You will no longer need to remove your colored lenses every day or feel the discomfort of wearing them, and you won’t risk getting a corneal infection from the lenses.

What your eye color says about you

“The deep blue of the ocean, the intense and precious green of an emerald, the warm and radiant golden honey, and the white to lighten your natural color”. People with brown or brown eyes are said to be friendly, loyal and trustworthy. People with green eyes are seductive, enterprising and mysterious, and people with hazel eyes are adventurous, independent and confident. And people with blue eyes are said to be very intelligent, generous and wise. “The eyes are the mirror of the soul”. Our eyes convey strong emotions and their color says a lot about our personality. With Neoris keratopigmentation, you can finally change the color of your original eyes for blue, green or brown. You can also opt to lighten your natural color with white pigment.

Changing your eye color: aesthetics and well-being

Changing your eye color can improve your self-confidence, make you feel better about your body, and can help some people accept themselves and heal deep wounds. For example, some people are born with brown eyes, but everyone else in their family has blue eyes. This can make a person feel very different because they feel that they weren’t born with the same physical traits as the rest of their family.